Reduce Water Costs and Improve Apartment Efficiency with eConserve’s Water Conservation Retrofit Services

Like most apartment owners, you have seen utility costs increase annually due to rising water rates.

Consider this . . . As your property ages, the plumbing systems and water related fixtures become less efficient, less reliable and more expensive to maintain.

Whether it is obvious or not, as an apartment owner you are likely paying more for water related issues and maintenance than you should.

Let us help you discover opportunities for improving your water consumption infrastructure that will pay for themselves.  eConserve Retrofit Services can do this starting with a free, no obligation water consumption analysis.

We will show you what can be done to increase the efficiency of your water usage, how much it will cost, and how much you will save over time.  As part of our Retrofit Services program we will:

  • Identify and fix all drips and leaks inside every apartment unit
  • Install new, high quality, high efficiency retrofit devices in the sinks, showers and toilets inside every apartment unit
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to keep the water consumption at a minimum and achieve the highest possible savings on your water bills

This is a risk free opportunity to evaluate your property’s water usage and immediately impact cash flow.  Count on eConserve, the multifamily water conservation experts.

Contact eConserve today to identify your water retrofit saving opportunities.

Why eConserve?
  • Shared Savings = No Cost, No Risk
  • Immediate ROI = Immediate Cash Flow
  • Reduce water bills by 30% – 60%
  • Significantly increase property values