“Till taught by pain, men know not what water’s worth.” - - Lord Byron

As many areas of the United States are facing serious water shortages, the cost of water and wastewater is rising rapidly across the country. eConserve has over twenty years of water conservation experience implementing our shared savings water conservation program in thousands of multi-family apartment units across the United States. Our results speak for themselves.

By focusing primarily on multi-family apartment properties, the experts at eConserve have developed extensive knowledge and understanding in what it takes to execute a successful water conservation program.

The eConserve Shared Savings Program

eConserve offers a shared savings water conservation program that allows eConserve to make 100% of the investment in the program and only recoup that investment by sharing in the savings with the owner. All of the eConserve programs include a full inspection of all units on the property. During this inspection, all drips and leaks in the units will be identified and repaired, all kitchen and bathroom aerators replaced and all showerheads will be replaced. For the toilets, eConserve customers can choose from the toilet replacement or toilet retrofit water conservation options.

There is NO RISK so please “GO GREEN” and save money with eConserve today. Results are guaranteed!

Why eConserve?
  • Shared Savings = No Cost, No Risk
  • Immediate ROI = Immediate Cash Flow
  • Reduce water bills by 30% – 60%
  • Significantly increase property values
eConserve Water Conservation Programs
  • Toilet Replacement – the only shared savings program for apartment communities using the Niagara Conservation Stealth 0.8gpf toilet.
  • Retrofit Services – save time and money achieving faster results for the property owner.

eConserve Footprint


Over 3 Billion
Gallons Saved

Over 150,000
Multi-Family Units Installed